For larger Wedfest Villages you may desire additional tents & to provide a reception space for your guests to be greeted in along with allocated suites or a Green Room for band members, a parlour tent complete with tables, mirrors, hairdryers and tables/chairs for guests to get ready in, a lounge for people to chill out in, a tent to charge peoples phones, iPads & Laptops in, a tent for caterers to prepare their food , an open sided chill out shelter for people to mingle under or even a utility tent to house fridges, microwaves etc. The list is endless, whatever your desires we have the ability to provide it at your own personal Wedfest. Check out some of the examples below and whatever your looking for, give us a call as there are countless possibilities for covering your event, pardon the pun.

Reception Tent

The most versatile of greeting spaves, our reception tent provides an excellent lounge for guests to enjoy. The reception tent can be decked out with low level leather seating to provide a place for your weary travelling guests to relax whilst they are being allocated to their suites. We can also include reception staff and concierge service as well as charging points for your guests mobile phones and a hot fresh coffee and tea making machine, either complimentary or paid for.

6m x 6m Pagoda Tent

Our 6m x 6m utility tent can be utilised to house a host of facilities from reception to catering to Green Room to whatever else you can think of, it really is a master of all guises.


6m or 4.5m Parlour Tents

A great place with loads of headroom for your special ladies and gentleman to pamper themselves, complete with full length mirrors, table mirrors, hair dryers, tables and chairs.


The Festival Shelter

A great addition to your Wedfest somewhere where people can shelter and gather to do whatever they do under shelters!!!