Bespoke Event Yurts

We have tried and tested numerous canvas stuctures in the search for the ultimate relaxing space, something that calms the soul, is visually astounding and simply wonderful to be in.

Now, we don't like to blow our own trumpet but we certainly have cracked it with our unique and specially designed yurts for the 2013 season.

Words really can't truly express the experience of our yurts, its when you enter and take it all in that you understand how spectacular they are.

We can say with certainty that once you have stayed in one of our romantic couple yurts or one of our chill out yurt lounges you will will be saying 'Why would anyone want to stay in anything other than these!'

Please drop us an email or give the team a ring to discuss your requirements and pricing further.

Our yurts can't wait to have you to stay!