Bell Tent


All our event bell tent are custom made for us with two tone sand/mocha canvas, porthole windows with roll down blinds, thick wooden centre pole, and heavy duty ground sheets along with various other special fixtures and fittings

We offer two sizes of bell tent for 2-4 guests or 3-6 guests, both spacious with ample room for belongings and to stand up in, we are sure you will love them and wonder why you hadn't tried them sooner.

Decorative internal furnishing is provided in each canvas room alongside really comfy Bedouin Beds layered with sumptuous bedding. Why sleep on inflated airbeds when you can have true luxury in the comfort of a proper bed.

Each bell tent is made to comply with UK Open Air Event Regulations with all documentation provided to ensure event organisers have everything they need to comply with current regulations.

Our teams are trained to follow MUTA guidelines at all times.